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Montel Dorsey & MUniversity is a dynamic group of singers and musicians charged to spread a powerful message that will inspire people to focus on relationship with God over religious practice. The group’s fearless founder, Montel Dorsey, endeavors to be a voice for the forgotten. Montel Dorsey formed this consortium of artists deemed MUniversity as a way to nourish and development new musical gifts, and create a pathway for the world to hear this emerging talent. Montel Dorsey & his group MUniversity is emerging in the Gospel music community with a strong foundation and a commitment establishing a legacy of excellence through their ministry.

SINGLE – Everybody – LA BROCK feat. Montel Dorsey

This digital download is hyped!!! It features “LA BROCK” singing and spitting lyrical poetry challenging “everybody” while praising God to move, exercise and stay healthy!!! You can easily put on a pair of skates, go to the gym or put it through the speakers at big mama’s house for a line dance experience that is sure to dispel pompous, pious, and religious spirits!



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